Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC) is a leading financial institution in Pakistan that supports the growth of the microfinance industry. In 2015, the company was founded as a public-private partnership with support from the Pakistani government, international donors, and the private sector. PMIC helps microfinance institutions (MFIs) all across the country by providing funds and technical support, enabling them to increase their reach and offer financial services to disadvantaged areas. The company’s goals are to encourage economic development in Pakistan, increase financial inclusion, and reduce poverty. PMIC’s innovative approach and commitment to social impact have made it a vital player in the microfinance sector in Pakistan.

Industry: Banking & Finance
Location: Lahore
Tools: SAP Greenfield Implementation


First S4HANA implementation in a microfinance bank in Pakistan. First implementation of Treasury module in a bank in Pakistan. First SAP Analytics Cloud implementation to go live in Pakistan.

We provided Cloud Hosting Services and Support to Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company