Dubai Healthcare City is a leading healthcare free zone in the UAE, dedicated to providing world-class medical services, education, and research. Established in 2002, Dubai Healthcare City has become a hub for medical professionals, researchers, and academics, providing a platform for collaboration and innovation. The healthcare free zone is home to over 160 clinical partners, including hospitals, clinics, and medical centers, offering specialized treatments and services to patients from around the world. Dubai Healthcare City also offers a range of educational programs and research facilities, supporting the development of healthcare professionals and advancing medical knowledge. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Dubai Healthcare City is transforming the healthcare industry in the UAE and beyond.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Dubai
Tools: Survey Management Application



TMC helped DHCA with UI5 implementation using SAP UI5 (or “UI Development Toolkit for HTML5”). It is SAP’s HTML5 UI library and client-side MVC framework for building light-weight web UIs. It supports all SAP product standards.