Akbar Associates is a reputable construction and engineering firm located in Pakistan. Established in 1976, the company has completed numerous infrastructure and building projects, showcasing their expertise in the field. Akbar Associates offers a variety of services such as construction, engineering, design, and project management. They prioritize delivering high-quality projects by utilizing innovative technology and sustainable practices. Akbar Associates has received several accolades for their excellence and professionalism in the construction and engineering industry.

Industry: Oil & Gas
Location: Islamabad
Tools: SAP Upstream Operations Management



TMC helped Akbar Associates with the Upstream Operations Management which enables oil and gas companies to carry out their exploration and production operations in the most cost-efficient way to maximize profitability.


  • Gather operations data including well and plant flows, temperatures, and pressures. These are analyzed in SAP to improve and exploit producing assets.
  • Allocate volumes of extracted products to their originating well completions to determine the value of the materials extracted between specific points in the network.
  • Use the network modeler tool to ascertain or simulate the potential production of a particular production network. They can create a graphical representation of the network’s structure and its respective allocation processes.
  • Achieve forecasted performance targets using Forecasting Fiori apps to realize all the forecasting relevant activities that will impact their production network.
  • Capture, store, analyze, manage and present data with reference to geographic location data to aid informed decision making.